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Tarot remains a bit of a mystery. It has been considered a form of divination by many, although commonly said to originate through the use of the medieval Italian playing cards, the Tarocchi. The earliest-known Tarot deck is called the Visconti-Sforza and was dated for 1450 in Milan, Italy, but there are many who still speculate that the Tarot’s origin is older still, as its early symbolism has been linked to the ancient teachings of the Ancient Egyptian god Thoth and the Jewish mysticism of the Kabbalah. 

Whatever its true origin, its winding and speculative history is rich, stirring our desire to know the esoteric secrets it is heralded to possess. 

The magic of Tarot is that you do not have to know the extent of its symbolism to receive a meaningful reading! Certainly it is helpful to know of its numerical and visual language, but Tarot readings are accessible to everyone - its divinatory qualities are a reflection of its remarkable ability to connect you with your own

innate wisdom and divining power.

“The Tarot teaches us to respect all questions: each one is an opportunity to deepen the discovery                 of ourselves in order to live set like a precious stone in the jewel that is present.”

                                                                           -Alejandro Jodorowsky, The Way of Tarot


I offer 1:1 Tarot consultations in person and online.

Readings with me are ritualistic, intuitive, and conversational. 

Deeply inspired by the mystical symbolism of Tarot, you can anticipate me weaving the knowledge that I have of the card’s esoterics with a natural and instinctive response. It is important to me to stay centred in and supportive of your experience during our readings together. This may look like us pausing to acknowledge and explore any physiological or emotional responses that come up while we look at the cards together, to sharing stories, to discussing how certain images resonate - or don’t, or taking a moment to center and breath into the body. 

I want to ensure that my readings are suited to your preferences, values, and pronouns. If there is anything I should know that will make your readings more meaningful, please feel free to communicate this with me before, during, or after our readings - at any time.

Our Tarot readings together are opportunities that I hold sacred, meaning that whatever you wish to bring up, the stories and experiences you share with me, any questions, any emotions – are witnessed, honoured, and kept confidential between you and I. 


It can feel deeply vulnerable to ask the cards intimate questions and receive an intimate answer in witness. I am there as a grounding support for you, to hold sacred space for you and whatever you may need with what comes up. 


I am committed to empowering you through the guidance of the cards to come into greater clarity, meaning, and purpose.


Tarot reveals to us the possibilities according to the energies at hand in any given moment. These opportunities change based on your choices. While Tarot  is a helpful tool that offers insight and helps to steer your ship, what it reveals is not final. In everything, we always have free will, we always have a choice.



  •  During moments of transition, transformation, rites of passage,   beginnings and endings

  • For self reflection, healing and growth

  • For spiritual insight, significance, and guidance

  • To connect with your innate wisdom and strengthen your intuition

  • When you feel called to it 

Rumoured to predict the future, what Tarot offers is a true reflection of any given moment, which is always subject to change, and always subject to your free will.

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Past / Present / Future


You / The Relationship / Other Person


You / Mirror / Other Person


Situation / Action / Outcome


Situation / Insight / Advice


Idea / Process / Aspiration


Mind / Body / Spirit


Physical / Emotional / Spiritual


What I think / What I feel / What I do


Conscious / Subconscious / Super Conscious Mind


Strengths / Weaknesses / Guidance & Advice


What worked well / What didn’t work well / Key Take-Away Lesson


This Brings you Together / This Pulls you Apart / Place of Focus & Advice


Option 1 / Option 2 / Insightful Information


Situation / Obstacle / Advice


Aspiration / Obstacle / How to Overcome Obstacle


Opportunity / Challenge / Outcome



Air / Earth / Fire / Water / Spirit


You / North / East / South / West


Present Situation / Past Influence / Future / Reason & Subconscious / Potential


Present Situation / Challenge / Guidance / Focus / Potential Outcome


Centre / Past / Future / Known / Unknown


Past / To Let Go Of / Your Gift / To Embrace / Future


You Now / Next Step or Action to Take / Obstacle / Strengths & Resources / Outcome

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