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Feel alive, flourish, thrive.


  • What is Aliveness Coaching?
    Aliveness Coaching is a partnership between coach and client that is focused on improving the client's overall wellness in order for the client to attain greater meaning, purpose, and fulfillment - and to help the client actualize their goals and dreams. It is a thought-provoking and creative conversational process that helps clients to maximize their potential and live a better quality of life. Kelly is an IPEC trained and certified professional coach (CPC 330+ hours). IPEC is an accredited coach training program recognized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). IPEC uses a unique methodology called The Core Energy Coaching Process whereby coaches connect their client's inner purpose and passion to their outer goals and strategies in order to bring about extraordinary and sustainable results. The Core Energy Coaching process recognizes that true change starts from within.
  • What is the difference between Aliveness Coaching and Therapy?
    Therapy is for individuals who want help understanding their problems, emotions, to explore their past in order to understand their present, to restore functionality where there may be disfunction or disorder, or even to manage mental illness. ​ Aliveness Coaching is present and future-focused and concerned with helping individuals to thrive in life. Aliveness Coaching is for individuals who want help moving forward in their lives, are seeking solutions, and want to work toward deeper wellness, personal betterment, expansion, joy, pleasure, and success. ​ There are times within Aliveness Coaching sessions when the past, problems, or emotions do come up as they relate to your present circumstances and how to move forward in life. This is normal, and can be helpful and informative in understanding what holds you back, and keeps you from moving forward. It is beneficial for some clients to see a therapist and a life coaching concurrently.
  • Who is Aliveness Coaching for?
    This work is for you if you are a woman who is ready and willing to do what is necessary to transform your life. You are committed to your path, and ready to move into expansion. You recognize the true value of personal growth and development. This work is for you if you trust the seed of your potential, you're ambitious, and you know you can show up for yourself and this process in leadership and accountability. Truly, this work is for the soul-seekers, the deep-divers, the big-believers. If you are courageous enough to hold the vision of the life that you desire, and go after it - this work is absolutely for you.
  • Who is Aliveness Coaching NOT for?
    This work is not for you if you're not committed to showing up for yourself and giving your best. This isn't for you if you are not prepared to look at yourself deeply - and sometimes even vulnerably. This work isn't for you if you are not able to sit with your discomfort that may come up through our work together as we discover what blocks you and gets in your way toward your vision of wellness and betterment. Aliveness Coaching isn't for you if you anticipate Kelly to do the work of changing your life for you, and you are not willing to fully engage in the conversations and prompts offered, or to take action. Aliveness Coaching is not for you if you do not believe it's possible to change your life and live better.
  • How do I know if I'm ready for Aliveness Coaching?
    Trust yourself. If you are called to this work, you'll know. If it's helpful, ask yourself what it would be worth to live the life of your desires. How badly do you want it? How tired of your current life are you? How steadfast is your belief in it being possible? Does now feel like the right time? And if you're genuinely not sure, let's talk about it. Contact me!
  • How do our Aliveness Coaching sessions take place?
    All of our Aliveness Coaching sessions take place online face-to-face via Zoom. A personal link will be provided to you for access to your appointed sessions.
  • Do you offer Aliveness Coaching in-person?
    Not at this time.
  • What is the time commitment of Aliveness Coaching?
    The time commitment is up to you based on the Aliveness Coaching Journey you choose. However, I recommend a 3 month journey as the time frame is optimal for making true and sustainable progress, staying motivated, and remaining accountable to your vision. Keep in mind that while our sessions are 60 minutes each, additional time and action will be required of you outside of our sessions to make progress toward your goals and visions.
  • Do you offer single sessions?
    Yes, I offer 90 minute single sessions which are designed to be an intensive container where we focus on a specific area of concern. These are great sessions for exploration, breakthroughs, and great for first-timers wanting to experience what it's like to work with me.
  • What is the financial investment of Aliveness Coaching?
    The investment for Aliveness Coaching differs depending on which coaching package you choose to sign up for. My offers and their pricing are listed on my Aliveness Coaching page. Prices are in CAD.
  • How can I pay?
    I invoice my clients in advance of our sessions via Stripe.
  • What is your session cancellation policy?
    Please allow 24 hours notice prior to cancelling and rescheduling your appointed sessions. Last-minute cancellations and missed appointments are considered as completed sessions and Kelly will be compensated for her time.
  • What if something happens and I cannot complete my Aliveness Coaching commitment?
    Life happens. The client may pause their Aliveness Coaching Journey at any time with at least 1 week written notice. Your remaining sessions expire one year after registering for your Aliveness Coaching Journey and are up to you to schedule and redeem.
  • What is your termination policy?
    The client agrees to compensate Kelly for all the Aliveness Coaching services they have registered for. It is the clients responsibility to schedule and claim their registered sessions with Kelly. Clients are welcome to pause their Aliveness Coaching Journey as needed. The client's sessions expire one year after registering for their Aliveness Coaching Journey.
  • What is your policy around confidentiality?
    All information shared by the client within our sessions and messaging communication is confidential, and considered sacred. It is extremely important to me that I provide a safe space for my clients to open up, be vulnerable, process, and be able to share themselves freely.
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