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Feel alive, flourish, thrive.


Somewhere along the way,

you may have gotten lost.

Perhaps you felt yourself veer off course by way of a relationship, through your education or career, a big life transition, or even in the responsibilities of your day-to-day life. Life hasn’t been easy but you’ve made it this far and you’re ready to write a new chapter.


Perhaps you’re feeling disconnected from yourself, or lacking confidence in how to move forward. You feel misaligned from what you want, and what is truly important to you - and you desire that clear sense of soulful direction, purpose, and fulfilment that is missing right now. 

You want to feel yourself come alive in all of your senses, your spirit, your life.

You want to grow into the person you were always meant to become and unlock your inner greatness. 

You have big dreams and ambitions living inside your heart, and an inkling that there is more out there for you. There’s a deep calling - to expand,  to go deep, to discover the fullness of your life. You know that you want to take the wheel, and lean into what is possible for you - no matter what anyone else thinks. 


You have a vision of a beautiful future for yourself, and you know you're ready to rise to the occasion of that life that is calling out to you to be lived to the fullest.


That is why you are here -

You can flourish, thrive, and love your life.

What's more is that you are absolutely worthy of it.

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Aliveness Coaching is an invitation for you to choose yourself, to step into greater power and self expression, and to create a life for yourself that feels vital and inspiring, nourishing to the soul, and too good to be true. 

When you take the leap in choosing yourself, the magic starts to happen. You have opened the floodgates to new ways of being, new possibilities, new realities.

And in case you need reminding:


You are meant to expand into the fullness of your most beloved life.

You are meant to play big. You are meant to discover just how good it can get. 

And you are 100% capable of making it happen. 

It all begins when you say YES  to yourself and your dreams. 

(Which is what Aliveness Coaching is here for)

Aliveness Coaching is a vehicle meant to accelerate you into greater self empowerment, deeper fulfilment, and swifter alignment with your soul-led dreams and desires. 

It's a highly personalized coaching experience that helps you get clear about what you really want for yourself and your life - and guides you to take real, actionable steps to bring your dreams and desires into being. The greatest value comes from the individualized support you receive to learn about yourself, move through your limitations, and to transform your reality one step at a time. What sparks your fulfilment is as individual as you are, and deserves to be exclusively nurtured and brought to life.

Whatever your desired path, I'm here to guide and

support you on your path to living it


I created Aliveness Coaching because I knew it was my purpose to inspire, uplift, and help actualize the dreams and desires of incredible women. I clearly see and understand the significance of women living from a place of empowerment and fulfillment, and how impactful this is in creating waves toward a better world for everyone.


Your fulfillment is no small thing, and that is why

I believe so deeply in this work. 


When you flourish, thrive, and feel so lit up and full in yourself - your fulfillment will inevitably overflow to nourish and inspire the betterment of others. I have seen it firsthand, and it is why I am steadfast and so trusting in the big dreams and ambitions of the women I work with.

I want that and believe in it for you, too.

What happens in Aliveness Coaching?

During our Aliveness Coaching work together, we will: 

  • Come into a deeper understanding of who you are: we'll explore your purpose, values, what lights you up, and makes you feel in flow.

  • Explore your current reality, your mindset, how you show up, and how different areas of your life impact you and your desired trajectory.

  • Create a big, bold, beautiful vision of the life you desire for yourself that fills you with energy and excitement.

  • Discuss the systems and the strategies you'll put into place week by week to ensure you stay focused on your goals, dreams, and life vision.

  • Utilize Aliveness Coaching exercises, tools, and resources to help you gain clarity, and spark your self reflection and evolution.

  • Shine a light on the obstacles and beliefs that keep you stuck, playing small, and that block your progress toward what you desire.

  • Ensure you've got all the support and accountability you need to stay motivated and aligned with your goals.

  • Map and discuss your progress session to session, and unpack anything that comes up along the way.

+ celebrate your insights, breakthroughs, and wins: the big and the small, all along the way.

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What you Receive

Your Aliveness Coaching Experience Includes:

  • 60-minute sessions working 1:1 with Kelly live via Zoom, (1 session per week - for longer packages).

  • Prompted exercises, journaling questions, tools, and other resources to spark your reflection and evolution. 

  • Additional availability, support, and encouragement from Kelly via email and unlimited Voxer text and voice-messaging in-between sessions. (for 3+ month packages only.) 

Choose your Aliveness Coaching journey below.




1:1 Single 90 minute Aliveness Coaching sessions are available for $200

This is a great option for first-timers or anyone wanting an intensive around a specific question or topic of interest. 



1:1 60 minute weekly Aliveness Coaching Sessions for 6 Weeks - $800

A highly focused coaching container meant to accelerate your growth -and perfect for when you want a little extra support.



1:1 60 minute weekly Aliveness Coaching Sessions + Voxer
for 3 Months - $1500

The most supportive coaching container for those who are wanting to sustain big changes and make big moves.


Email Kelly to reserve your spot.



I experienced more fulfillment on a daily basis, with the understanding that small steps leads to great change. Kelly made me feel so comfortable that I was able to let my guard down and get to some much needed shadow work. I felt deeply supported and encouraged, therefore it was motivating to do the work. 
Our sessions felt very comfortable, effective, and I felt aptly guided towards fulfillment. I appreciated Kelly's profound sense of care and attention to detail.
Kelly is meant for this work. She is able to connect with people on their level and gently expose inhibitions, all the while deeply encouraging them to take the necessary steps forward toward a more fulfilled life.                                                                               -Kira S.
My experience with Kelly resulted in an expansion, a deepening, and a reunion. My modes of existing in the world feel more spacious and wonderful. How I relate to my environment and to those around me is electric.
I left our sessions with a deep remembering of who I am. Now, everything feels like music.
Kelly's approach is something I've only ever witnessed in people who have been on the planet for a long time. Her authenticity begets your authenticity. Her compassion breaks through barriers. Her curiosity creates new spaces to explore. Her tenderness holds you the entire time. She reveres the process and the people she is supporting. She also has a secret knowingness that is constant and compelling.  
I would recommend working with Kelly a million times over. Literally, I hope a million people get to experience Aliveness Coaching. Why settle for a half-life when you can live a life worth dying for?                                                                                                                            -Bri S.


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How to make it happen:



Decide on the Aliveness Coaching package that is right for you, and

don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.



You will be invoiced and after payment is received, we'll schedule your weekly Aliveness Coaching sessions. You'll be sent an intake form to help you clarify what you're wanting to work on in session. 



Work with Kelly to transform your life, and start experiencing

greater joy, purpose, fulfilment, and aliveness.

Ready to take the first step?

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